Welcome to The Work From Home Aussie blog! I’m Cate, a former primary school teacher from Melbourne, Australia. A few years back I decided I wanted to transition from teaching to a home-based career. In the short few years since I first decided on this goal, I’ve been on quite the ride, undertaking a huge amount of research on the work from home landscape in Australia, and building a successful remote career for myself. I started as an online ESL teacher, and evolved my work from home career to the point that I am now running my own successful home-based transcription business.


As I researched work from home opportunities for Australians and built my career, a few things became clear pretty quickly: 1) legitimate work from home opportunities in Australia were and still are relatively sparse (but they do exist and are attainable), and 2) there was little in the way of detailed, comprehensive information about these opportunities out there. And hence, The Work From Home Aussie blog was born. Here, I give you all the information I’ve acquired that I wish had been available to me back when I was first starting out. You can read about where I’m currently at with my work from home career, how I got here, and where I started from. I bring my readers info about all the great work from home opportunities I’ve learnt about along the way, and I’m also constantly researching so I can share with you new opportunities that pop up too (look through the blog posts for detailed information about specific opportunities, or skip over to the Jobs Hub for a comprehensive listing of home-based work leads).


I hope you find lots of useful information here. Good luck in your search, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, either via the contact page here on the blog, or over on our Facebook page.


Happy job hunting,

Cate XX