A Bit About Me

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Hi. I’m Cate, a 30-something parent, primary school teacher, and travel enthusiast. About a year and a half ago I stepped back from my former, traditional working life with a clear goal in my mind; to establish a solid income from a personally rewarding work from home role. Fast-forward to today and I’ve got work I enjoy, that pays me a reasonable, regular income and that has working hours which suit my lifestyle (I’ll be writing a LOT more about this in future posts). I also have a wealth on knowledge under my belt from the huge (HUGE!) amount of research I put into exploring work from home options. Legitimate work from home opportunities are not abundant, but they do exist, and I’ve decided to blog about my experience so far, as there’s just not enough information out there about remote work options for Australians, and I’d love to save you from at least some of the insane amount of research I had to undertake to find the right work from home opportunity for me. And while I LOVE my current job, I’m also not quite done evolving my work from home career just yet. I have a few different little projects on the go, so I’ll fill you in on where things take me as I go along too.


I’ll be aiming to post once or twice a week to start with, and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you leave in the comments section. Thanks for visiting!

Cate XX

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