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So, I’m a fan of getting right to the point. And while there are heaps of other things I want to share, countless little tips and insights that’ll be useful in finding the right work from home opportunity for you, you’re all here because you want to know exactly what the work I’m doing right now is, right? The work I mentioned in my intro post? The great job with the reasonable pay and parent-friendly hours? Well here it is: I teach English online to children in China. I work with a company called DaDa (formerly DaDaABC). While I know teaching isn’t for everyone, I’m a qualified teacher, so – surprise, surprise – I love it (even though I’m a qualified teacher, you don’t have to be one to work with DaDa, you just have to be degree qualified in something – anything**). Even if I didn’t love online ESL teaching, it’d still be hard to say no to a job that pays me as well as DaDa does for part-time work 100% from home. DaDa offers pay of up to $25 USD per hour. What you’re offered as your personal hourly wage depends on your experience, qualifications, how you do in the interview and mock class, etc, etc. While it’s certainly not what I was earning pre-parenthood, my top priority now is being home with Bub, so evening work that gives us a very tidy sum of pure savings every month is pretty great in my book. Plus, I get to wear my slippers to work.


Now, if you’re at all interested by any of this, you’ll be thrilled to hear that, by all accounts, online ESL teaching is something of a boom industry right now. There are all kinds of companies, all over the place, and many of them are regularly hiring. I’ll be posting more on here in the near future about the general requirements of an online ESL teacher, the ESL companies that I know hire Aussies (some don’t), as well as lots of tips for interviewing, teaching demo classes, actually running your own classroom, and lots more. I’ll pump this info out as quickly as I can, but if you’re keen to get started right now, I’ll pop a link to the DaDa recruitment page below, and also over in the Job Hub, where I’ll add links to all the work from home opportunities I blog about.


Also, if you’re a newbie to all of this, please be aware that often, when you see someone post a referral link for online teaching jobs, if you use their link it means that they’ll get paid a bonus if you’re hired. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all, but I think it’s important to be transparent about this stuff. Anyway, the link below is NOT my personal referral link, but just a link to DaDa’s general recruitment page. I haven’t included my own personal link for a couple of reasons (including that I’m not super comfortable referring people I don’t personally know, and also that there’d be a bit of fiddling around involved in keeping the link current).


** Update, DEC 2018: Online ESL teaching requirements are changing in China, and now you will generally need a TEFL or TESOL certificate and a criminal record check, in addition to having a degree and being a native English speaker. There are some great online, budget options for getting your TEFL or TESOL certificate, and I’ll be posting about these in early 2019.


Happy job hunting,

Cate XX

Apply to teach at DaDa here

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