Enough about Online ESL Teaching already! What else is out there?


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So, you lovely people who have been following the blog for a while now have undoubtedly noticed that I bang on about online ESL teaching quite a bit. That’s because it has been a great work from home option for me, and there’s so little info out there about this option for Aussies that I wanted to get the word out there. As I mentioned in earlier posts though, I’ve been working to evolve my work from home career, and there have been some big changes for me recently.


Since before I even started my online ESL teaching job, home-based transcription work was on my radar. The one concern I had with online teaching was the set hours. Ideally, I wanted the flexibility to be able to work exactly when I wanted to, and hence the idea of home-based transcription sounded appealing to me. So, while I was waiting for fast enough internet to come to my area to allow me to apply for an online teaching job, I started doing some research and began chipping away at breaking into the transcription industry. It turns out it was a great thing that I started working on it early, because developing the necessary skills and breaking into the industry took a LONG, LONG time. Today it’s great to be able to say that I am running my own successful home-based transcription small business, but I really can’t emphasis enough that it took a LOT of time and a HUGE amount of (mostly unpaid) effort to get here. For anyone who may also be interested in home-based transcription, I’ve got a blog coming up shortly, detailing exactly how I developed my business and broke into this industry, and also why you may not want to (seriously!).


There’s also been lots happening in the online ESL teaching world, so expect some updates on that very soon too. And as we see out 2018 and head into 2019, I’ll be sharing lots of the research I did about other work from home opportunities (surveys, virtual assistant work, and finding work through websites such as Upwork and Amazon Mechanical Turk, as well as a bunch of other work from home opportunities). I’ll also give you the lowdown on those vague yet consistently similar ads you see posted to social media business and work from home pages, promising fantastic returns and lifestyle for minimal efforts.


Life and work have been crazy busy lately, but I’m finally starting to get the balance of everything how I want it, and from now on I’ll be able to devote a little more time to the blog, so you’ll be hearing from me a little more regularly.


Happy job hunting,

Cate XX



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