Online ESL Teaching in 2019 – A Quick Update



Hi all, this is just a short update about changes to online ESL teacher qualification requirements in 2019. As I’ve discussed in detail already, China is a huge market for online ESL education, and there are a tonne of different companies looking to recruit ESL teachers for students in China (check the Jobs Hub for a list of such companies that hire Australians).


Towards the end of last year, various online ESL companies announced to their teachers that qualification requirements in China for online ESL teachers were changing for 2019, and the active online ESL teacher community was in quite a flurry for a while, as everyone got their heads around the changes. Bearing in mind of course that qualification requirements can and do vary from company to company, what the changes basically mean is that now, in addition to being a native English speaker and holding a bachelor’s degree (not necessarily in education, many/most companies just want you degree-qualified in something), online ESL teachers for Chinese ESL providers will now also need to have a TESOL or TEFL certification, and provide a criminal background check.


Now, if you’re really new to all this and are just starting to explore online ESL teaching job options, don’t panic if you don’t have a TESOL or TEFL qualification (do, however, panic if you’re a criminal – I can’t help you with that one!). Thanks to the magnificent beast that is the internet, you can, of course, obtain a TESOL or TEFL qualification online. And, thanks to Groupon, it won’t cost you too much at all. Lots of existing online ESL teachers had to upskill and obtain a TESOL/TEFL qualification to retain their jobs late last year, and many of them undertook a 120 hour course from Groupon that was something like $6. I just did a quick search now, and the 120 hour TESOL/TEFL is currently $9.95 on Groupon. From feedback I’ve heard from teachers who have completed the course, it’s very doable, so don’t feel intimidated by the thought of it at all. And of course, not only is it affordable and achievable, it is, most importantly, a terrific opportunity to develop your ESL teaching skills, and increase both your suitability for the role and your ability to excel once you’re hired.


That’s it for this post, but I’ll have my next one up shortly, pointing you at some of the fantastic social media resources you can use to support your online ESL teaching career.

As always, happy job hunting,

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