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So, I FINALLY have my review of The 5 Day VA Challenge ready for you! My regular readers know I’ve mentioned this course offered by Hannah Dixon of Digital Nomad Kit a few times previously, but for my newer readers, The 5 Day VA Challenge (the Challenge) is basically a free five-day course designed to help you get started on the path to becoming a VA. I won’t go into great detail here about Hannah or Digital Nomad Kit (DNK), but you can certainly find more info via the links above. Now, without further ado, on to my review of the Challenge:


I’ll start things off by saying that I have no form of affiliate relationship with Hannah or Digital Nomad Kit whatsoever. I won’t receive a single cent if you click on any of the links in this post or participate in any of her courses, so you can trust that my review is independent and unbiased.


Now, with that said, here’s my overall verdict on the course in a nutshell: It’s great. I liked it, a lot. And, I’d happily recommend it to anyone wanting to become a VA who’s not quite sure where to start. There are a few quite distinct things that I liked about it, which I’ll go into more detail on below, after a quick overview of how the course functioned.


A brief summary of the mechanics of the course: It’s basically a five-day course where you’re provided with videos, slides to read, and tasks to complete each day. The videos and readings were short and to the point, and the tasks were fairly small and manageable, so you didn’t need hours every night to get through the course (I probably spent no more than 45 minutes to an hour on it each evening). There was a FB group for the Challenge members to join, which was our hub for communications and the place we shared our work and progress. There was an opportunity at the beginning for everyone to pair up with an accountability buddy to work with throughout the course, but there was also no pressure if you came to the party late and missed out on a buddy, or just wanted to fly solo, as the group was supportive of each other as a whole anyway, so you weren’t really ‘alone’, as such.  Given that I was doing the course purely to review it for my followers, I chose not to pair up with anyone, because I didn’t want a super keen beginner VA to miss out on the full experience by partnering with me, rather than with someone else who was also fully focused on becoming a VA and would potentially be a long term contact/colleague for them.


Now, on to what it is that I liked about this course:

Firstly, I LOVED that the Challenge involved taking ACTION, and had the participants rolling up their sleeves and getting on with some small and do-able, but relevant and really useful tasks for getting started as a VA. I’ve completed a few different free online trainings lately (so that I could review any terrific ones for you here on the blog, and also just to develop my awareness and understanding of what’s on offer out there), and most of the other ones that I looked into were essentially single session lectures, or a small series of lectures, with no specific tasks for you to complete, or even if there were suggested actions for you, there was no accountability buddy/online community group/feedback from the course creator as to your efforts). Hannah wanted everyone to jump right in and embrace ‘Imperfect Action’ , which if I was to define for you, basically meant just getting on with doing ‘it’, instead of waiting for that mythical moment where everything is perfect and ready, which we all so often seem to do. Imperfect Action gets a big thumbs up from me.


Another thing that I liked about the course was Hannah seems like a really nice person who genuinely wanted every single challenge participant to go on and have an awesome and wildly successful career, even if that didn’t ever involve signing up for one of her paid courses. That’s not to say that any of the other free course providers I mentioned above weren’t really nice people, or didn’t want their participants to be fabulously successful, because I’m absolutely, 100 percent confident that they are and do. The point of difference for me was that Hannah’s people skills were really evident all throughout the Challenge – she has the human connection thing really nailed. She seemed to sincerely care about each individual, and it showed, and that’s something that I personally hugely rate in anyone I’m considering undertaking training with.


Now, I could go into more detail about other useful aspects of the Challenge, but I’d essentially be giving you the actual course content, which I obviously shouldn’t do. I don’t really have anything for you in terms of criticisms or negative feedback about the Challenge – I found it interesting, useful, and productive, and I actually think it’d be great for anyone looking to start almost any kind of online/remote business, not only VAs. A general clarification/reminder that I’d give to anyone thinking about undertaking ANY free online training from ANY provider is to go into it with a clear understanding of what free training is: Don’t expect to come out if it with a fully functioning business. Don’t expect it to cover everything, or answer all of your questions. Don’t expect financial/legal/insurance/taxation/etcetera advice. Don’t expect it to be as detailed, polished, or personalized as paid training would be. Free training is none of those things. It’s a taster, a chance for you to get some useful free info and pointers, while seeing if the provider is someone who you may want to undertake more training with in the future. As far as free training goes, I think The 5 Day VA Challenge is terrific, and well worth your time. I checked in with Hannah after the course, and there’s no date locked in for the next Challenge yet, but if you’re interested in participating you can learn more and sign up for email updates about the next Challenge here.


Happy business-building,

Cate XX


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