Oh, hi!



Hi Everyone! Just a quick message to let you know a) I’m still alive, b) where I’ve been, and c) what you can expect coming up on the blog.

I’m so sorry I dipped out on you guys for a little while there. It certainly wasn’t my intention to go radio silent on you, some ‘life stuff’ (good life stuff, nothing bad or terrible) suddenly was demanding of all of my time and attention, and I had to prioritize that. I’ve kind of got things back in balance now (well, as much as anyone ever does!), and we should be back to regular scheduled programming here on the blog from now on.

So, what exactly is on the program for the near future you ask? Well, I’ll be continuing the online ESL update series I’d just kicked off before my absence, where I connect you with all the latest resources and links for online ESL companies who hire teachers based in Australia (see my last post on this topic about DaDa here).  I’ll also be continuing to review and add to the list of companies on the Jobs Hub that hire/contract with home-based workers in Australia, as well as providing some tips, suggestions, and product reviews for setting up the ultimate home office as we head into 2020.


Happy job hunting,

Cate XX

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